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When it comes to naming your baby we recognize you want the best for your girl. You want the best safety, the best delivery care, the safest home and mode of transportation, and you want the best name for her.
We want to make picking a name as easy as possible. Below we’ve provided a list of some of the least common names for girls. We recognize they may not be completely unique, but they are a starting point for finding a name that your daughter won’t have much competition for.

Below you will find the twenty (20) least common girl names in the United States for 2011.

Most Common 2011 Girl Names Name Meanings
1 Damaris calf
2 Yuliana down-bearded youth
3 Milana nice; sweet
4 Galilea sloping hills
5 Anabel easy to love
6 Payten from the peaceful farm
7 Hattie home ruler
8 Amalia work; effort; strain | work of the lord
9 Willa resolute
10 Thalia to flourish; bloom
11 Karma action; effect
12 Karly free man
13 Milagros miracle
14 Kamille alter server
15 Kimber from the wood of the royal forest; from the royal fortress meadow
16 Stacy resurrection
17 Sariyah princess
18 Jaden Jehovah has heard
19 Esme esteemed; loved
20 Alianna harmony; very holy

Finding a unique name for your girl

If you would like to learn how to find a unique name for your girl, check our our posting: Finding a special name for your unique baby girl

Do you have a unique name you’d like to share with us?

We are always searching for new and more unique names that can be shared with the world. If you have a name you’d like us to know about, please comment below.

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