We know you are looking for the least common names (we’ll post those soon too). We thought we would provide a list of the most popular girl names for you to compare any names you might be thinking of so you can ensure your daughter’s name is more unique than others.

Below you will find the twenty (20) most common girl names in the United states for 2011.

Rank Most Common 2011 Girl Names
1 Sophia
2 Isabella
3 Emma
4 Olivia
5 Ava
6 Emily
7 Abigail
8 Madison
9 Mia
10 Chloe
11 Elizabeth
12 Ella
13 Addison
14 Natalie
15 Lily
16 Grace
17 Samantha
18 Avery
19 Sofia
20 Aubrey

Also, we are always searching for new and more unique names that can be shared with the world. If you have a name you’d like us to know about, please comment below.

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